Town of Andover Construction Project Manager

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    Under the policy direction of the Director of Facilities or their designee, and in accordance with State and Local laws, perform technical and administrative work in connection with managing, facilitating and coordinating all aspects of the building process for new construction and/or renovation projects.


    Design Phase

    • At the outset of each project, review all project information available from space needs reports, and other preliminary design, site evaluations and other reports.  Advise the appropriate persons if any aspects of the recommendations should be modified with particular attention to budget estimates and operating requirements.
    • Prepare the request for proposal in compliance with MGL Ch.7 (designer selection process) for design services for each project in coordination with appointed committees and oversee all aspects of the procurement process including advertising, reviewing and evaluating proposals, interviewing finalists, checking references and providing the Director of Facilities or their designee with a recommendation for a designer.
    • Assist the Town with preparation of an application for financial assistance from State and/or Federal Agencies when applicable.
    • Facilitate a program review of each building project to ensure that the design meets the needs of the user departments. Perform a technical review of the building design in close coordination with Department of Facilities staff to insure that Town design standards and equipment selections are being met.  Ensure that the responsible Town officials and the designer follow through on providing information which may be necessary to complete the design of each building.
    • Monitor the work of the designer(s) at appropriate stages of building design to assure that the designer(s) is fulfilling its contractual obligations. Advise the Director of Facilities or their designee of the designer’s progress and any design issues that require a decision by the Director of Facilities, along with recommendations for remedying the issues.
    • Maintain all files and records on assigned projects.
    • Verify that the designer has prepared relevant contract documents to ensure the necessary technical detail is provided to ensure that the Town meets all legal requirements with respect to public building construction, prevailing wages, minority hiring, insurance, bonding and completion of the work in a timely manner.
    • Provide the appropriate notifications for all bid documents. Compile and publish a listing of firms and/or individuals who have obtained bid documents and publish the list of eligible sub-bidders.
    • Work with the designer and other assigned persons to preview and analyze contract bids to prepare a recommendation for the selection of a contractor.
    • Develop and implement procedures for prompt review and processing of all applications for payments.

    Construction Phase

    • Provide, as an advisor and representative of the Town, administrative, management and technical services as needed to coordinate work of the contractor, sub-contractor(s) and other consultants in order to complete the projects in accordance with budget objectives, construction schedules and overall quality.
    • Prior to the start of construction, conduct a special meeting to coordinate and communicate duties and responsibilities to all parties on the project, and review the contractor’s master construction schedule, in order to ensure that all federal, state and local fire and safety codes and regulations are clearly delineated and to answer any questions.
    • Assist the contractor and designer in development of a schedule of values for payment that is realistic and in conformance with the expected workflow.
    • Develop and implement control systems for monitoring progress of each assigned project with respect to cost, schedule and quality for providing early warning of impending problems.  Prepare contingency plans for corrective actions with the Town’s approval.
    • Update and issue on a monthly basis, a master project construction schedule to show current conditions and revisions. Monitor the contractors, sub-contractor(s) and consultants on processing shop drawings, project date and samples and equipment delivery with long lead-times.
    • Expedite and participate in the Town’s review of project data and samples when the designer requests such review.
    • Endeavor to obtain satisfactory performance from each contractor and sub-contractor.  Recommend courses of action for the Town when the contract requirements are not being fulfilled and the non-performing party will not take corrective actions.
    • Oversee all contractors’ safety plans and assist with procurement of a Safety Officer for projects when required.
    • Provide routine monitoring of all construction costs, showing actual costs for activities in process and estimates of unaccomplished tasks.
    • Advise the Town of necessary or desirable changes to the project, assist in negotiation of all contractor’s change order proposals and submit recommendations to the designer and the Town. Establish and implement a change order system monitoring and reporting on approved change orders, pending change orders and anticipated change orders. Establish a time line for processing change orders that does not interfere with the progress of the work.
    • Develop and implement procedures for prompt review and processing of applications for payment from the contractor for progress and final payments, including certification required by the designer and make recommendations for payments. Provides accounting and auditing service in connection with the contractor’s application for payment.
    • Oversee the submittal and implementation of the contractor and sub-contractor(s) safety programs as required by the contract documents.
    • Oversee the activities and responsibilities of the contractor to assist in maintaining schedules, control costs, assure quality, minimize disruption, monitoring compliance with the contract requirement and assuring the project is built according to approved design drawings and other relevant construction contract documents.
    • Keep the Town advised on an ongoing basis of all significant project(s) developments including conditions and circumstances that could cause delays or deviate from project requirements.
    • Coordinate and monitor the progress of separate but related infrastructure work including sidewalks, paving and water/sewer system modifications and/or upgrades.
    • Coordinate all permitting activities to ensure that all permits, licenses or other approvals are obtained in a timely fashion. Assist in obtaining approvals from boards and committees or other authorities.
    • Assist the Town in selecting and retaining professional services of testing laboratories or other technical services as needed.
    • Oversee and coordinate quality assurance, testing and inspection programs.
    • Verify timely payments to sub-contractors based on contract documents and Mass General Law.
    • Ensure that proper record keeping of all types, including progress prints, manuals, samples, cut sheets, etc., related to the quality and nature of the construction in progress is being maintained on the job site by the contractor and Clerk of the Works for review by the Town and the designer.
    • Upon receipt of a notice by the contractor of substantial completion of the project, verify whether the project is complete and submit a recommendation to the Town.
    • Coordinate and facilitate an inventory of furnishings and equipment required for the building, with a critical time line and responsible parties.
    • At the conclusion of the project, coordinate transfer to the Town, all of the as-built drawings and other construction related documents and all materials required for occupancy and full operation of the facility.


    Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

    • Strong technical and administrative skills managing construction projects (Up to $50,000,000).
    • Computer skills using spreadsheet applications, word processing applications, and project schedule programs.
    • Working knowledge of the Massachusetts Building Code and other applicable construction related codes and regulations.
    • Ability to read and interpret construction drawings and specifications.
    • Strong estimating skills and a working knowledge of “Means” or other comparable and recognized estimating standards.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Ability to prepare and analyze comprehensive financial and technical project reports.
    • Strong working knowledge and experience in negotiating and preparing design services and construction contracts in the public sector.
    • Excellent negotiation skills.
    • Strong construction scheduling and cost control skills.
    • Supervisory skills and management skills managing multiple projects.
    • Must have a  valid government issued driver’s license

    Education and Experience
    Engineering and/or Business Degree equivalent to Bachelors Degree in a related field, supplemented with technical seminars and programs and five years experience, or seven or more years directly related experience in public sector construction management and technical training equivalent to an Associates Degree. Candidates with Architectural, Engineering and Technical Degrees, in a directly related field, including OSHA 30 Training and MCPPO Certification and experience with public construction highly desirable.

    Physical Elements
    Diverse conditions from an office environment to construction sites.  May spend up to 70% of time performing field inspections.


    Revised 9-26-18

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