Northbridge Director of Facilities

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    JOB TITLE: Director of Facilities
    REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools


    1. The Director shall possess experience in business, engineering, or facilities
    management and possess at least three years of experience in a facilities
    planning or management position or other related field.
    2. The Director shall possess particular experience in the areas of buildings
    and grounds planning/management, oversight of facilities, negotiation and
    supervision of contractors, and authorship of bid specifications related to
    facility needs
    3. The Director shall demonstrated knowledge of all aspects of providing
    maintenance services to a complex of buildings.
    4. The Director shall possess general mechanical skills with knowledge in all
    areas of building maintenance such as electrical, lighting,
    heating/ventilation, plumbing and all other mechanical systems found in
    5. The Director shall possess other qualities of academic, professional, and
    personal experience that the Superintendent may specify.

    1. Serve as a member of the District’s Leadership Team. As a member of the Leadership Team,
    he/she shall assist fellow administrators in providing leadership for the School District, represent
    the Superintendent as appropriate at official school and community functions, inform the
    Superintendent of changes in trends, laws, rules, or regulations in his/her areas of expertise, and
    provide regular, biweekly reports to the Superintendent of his/her activities, and as requested. The
    Director in conjunction with, and with the approval of, the Superintendent shall develop annual
    job goals that will become part of the criteria used to evaluate the Director.

    2. Develop recommendations for appropriate facilities related policies to provide for the most cost-
    effective management of facilities related matters and services necessary to a productive teaching

    and learning environment in the District.
    3. Direct all district facilities and grounds management and planning functions.

    4. Work cooperatively with various organizations concerned with facilities and grounds issues,
    including all local, state and federal regulatory agencies, boards, and commissions.
    5. Develop and implement the district preventative maintenance program for district facilities and
    grounds, including training custodial and maintenance staff.
    6. Recommend the strategic facility and grounds planning activities of the district, including
    supervision of the implementation of such plans.
    7. Plan, assign, schedule and oversee the management of all facilities and grounds, including all
    maintenance and repair work including negotiating and supervising contractors regarding
    construction and major and minor repairs to district facilities and buildings while maintaining a
    high standard of safety, cleanliness and efficiency.
    8. Serve in a lead capacity to diagnose facility and grounds problems, provides prescriptive strategies
    to address such problems, and supervises the implementation of the prescriptive plans, including
    planning to utilize district resources and staff to best solve the problem.
    9. Interview, recommend for hire, supervise and evaluate all custodial staff, maintenance staff, and
    groundskeepers including providing recommendations for personnel action to the Superintendent.
    10. Supervise and direct the maintenance of necessary records, including contracts, financial accounts,
    budgets, audits, purchasing, federal, state and local reports related to district facilities and grounds.
    11. Identify, plan, and organize facilities and grounds maintenance management activities.
    12. Respond to emergencies and outages in a timely manner.
    13. Develop and manage the annual budget for all school facilities, structures, grounds, maintenance,
    equipment, vehicles, and capital projects.
    14. Ensure security and safety systems are intact, operational and followed. Maintain a system of
    building security to ensure all schools have the necessary resources to be secured during the
    school day, and are being secured on non-school days and at other times as assigned. Maintain a
    key inventory and manage the key fob entry system. Work with technology staff and building
    principals to maintain the security camera system.
    15. Assist the Leadership Team with the continued monitoring of school safety plans and ALICE
    16. Maintain a building fire safety systems including warning and suppression subsystems to include
    ensuring that the building’s fire safety systems are operational at all times.
    17. Maintain an inventory and recommend the purchase and stocking of necessary supplies, tools, and
    equipment needed to maintain the school facilities.

    18. Maintain blueprints, equipment records, and registration records on all school facilities and
    vehicles including copies of all building equipment warranties, manuals and technical bulletins.
    19. Oversee the registration, insurance, and maintenance of all school vehicles.
    20. Oversee all facility, grounds, or vehicle insurance claims including ensuring incident reports are
    filed with the insurance company, working with the insurance adjuster to evaluate losses and
    assess repairs and replacements required.
    21. Regularly perform and report on routine inspections of facilities to proactively identify and bring
    to resolution areas in need of attention so as to improve the health, safety, operations and
    appearance of the facilities.
    22. Prepare reports, memorandums and other documentation necessary to complete assigned duties to
    include incident reports, corrective actions, etc.
    23. Coordinate with Town departments and public works staff as appropriate. Take action to safeguard
    building assets during power or boiler failure. Assist in the operation of emergency shelters when
    contacted by Town, Fire or Police departments. Respond or coordinate response to alarms when
    24. Monitor and advise the Superintendent on snow related delays and closures. Oversee snow
    removal activities at all sites and ensure snow removal from all buildings’ exits and bus loading
    25. Serve as the representative of the School Committee to the Safety Committee and other
    committees as required and requested.
    26. Prepare and maintain a detailed facility and grounds capital plan, an equipment long range capital
    plan, and a furniture inventory and replacement plan.
    27. Work with the Massachusetts School Building Authority as necessary and as directed by the
    28. Conduct any other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Superintendent of Schools,
    including attending evening school committee meetings, subcommittee meetings and municipal
    meetings as requested.
    Evaluation: The Director shall be evaluated annually, in narrative form, based upon his/her
    overall job performance and upon goals and objectives determined by the
    Salary and Benefits: To be negotiated
    Employment Terms: This position is a full year full time position.

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