North Reading Schools Director of Facilities

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    The Director of Facilities provides leadership to the custodial workers, maintenance and grounds staff, provides support to the superintendent’s administrative team, and provides assistance to all principals and administrators concerning all facilities and grounds related issues. Supervises and directs the Buildings and Grounds Department, assists with short and long term budget development and forecasting, develops and executes the facilities large capital plan. The Director also develops, maintains and monitors approved operating and capital budgets. The Director must have the ability to solve problems, make effective decisions, and provide sound
    judgment, while maintaining full communication with the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations.

    Essential Job Functions
    I. Physical Plant
    1. Overall responsibility for the proper maintenance & cleanliness of buildings, ground, machinery, facilities, and equipment in compliance with School Department policies and those of other regulatory agencies of the Town, State and Federal government.
    2. Works closely with all State, Federal and Local Officials to maintain and ensure that compliance with regulations are met.
    3. Plans for coordination and supervision of snow removal, working closely with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations, contractors and town personnel to assure safe passage of pupils, other personnel and vehicular traffic
    about the school buildings.
    4. Inspects facilities and determines need for cleaning, repair and maintenance services, assesses damage, and arranges for emergency repairs as needed.
    5. Maintains repair and maintenance records of all elements of the physical plant.
    6. Maintains inventory of equipment and supplies to assure proper maintenance and repair service.
    7. Recommends procedures for the cleaning, repair, maintenance and security of facilities through the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations.
    8. Recommends methods and means of improving overall operation of the physical plant in areas such as energy conservation and maintenance procedures.
    9. Monitors and provides training for the AHERA asbestos survey, pest control, water testing and other management plans for the North Reading School Department.
    10. Supervises and inspects the improvement, renovation and maintenance work performed by contractors. Verifies that terms of all such contracts have been fulfilled before authorizing final projects. Approves payments of all outside contractors performing work
    for the department.
    II. Supervision and Evaluation / Human Management
    1. Manages School Custodial Staff, Maintenance and Grounds Staff and outside contractors.
    2. Supervises maintenance, custodial and grounds personnel in conformity with regulations
    and policies of the North Reading School Committee.
    3. Demonstrated ability to manage, motivate, supervise, and evaluate professional and trade personnel.
    4. Responsible for hiring, evaluating, supervising, and maintaining all School Facilities Staff.
    5. Responsible for disciplinary action and resolution of disciplinary issues for all custodial, maintenance, and grounds workers.
    6. Works closely with Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations and Superintendent of Schools to negotiate collective bargaining agreements on an as needed basis.
    III. Financial / Purchasing
    1. Assists the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations with the preparation, development, submission and presentation of the annual Facilities Budget and Capital Plan to respective Boards (School Committee, Capital Planning Improvement Committee).
    2. Responsible for assisting with the development of bid specifications for service contracts and assists the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations on facility related procurement requirements.
    3. Manages the utility budget in an effective manner while providing comfortable teaching,learning and working environments.
    4. Prepares and reports on key department metrics such as utilities consumption, salary projections and expense spending.
    5. Prepares and administers budget for maintenance, utilities, grounds, security, and custodial supplies, services and equipment and other assigned responsibility areas.
    IV. Data and Energy Systems Management
    1. Uses technology/software to manage all aspects of facilities oversight (e.g., MS Office, procurement/budget, HVAC systems, lighting systems, security systems, and mechanical controls).
    2. Review’s energy management system (Automated Logic) regularly and monitors occupancy schedules and set points to maximize the efficiency of the energy management system with an objective of reducing energy costs.
    3. Monitors the on-line automated maintenance ticket system and reviews both open and closed tickets as a means of maximizing efficiency and productivity.
    4. Familiarity with the District’s accounting system (Munis) to run year to date reports and review purchase order encumbrances.
    IV. General Administrative
    1. Manages outside vendors during construction projects – during entire design, bid and construction phases.
    2. Responds to inquiries from residents on matters pertaining to Facilities and responds in a timely manner.
    3. Work with Boards as a Liaison or as directed by the Superintendent. Specifically assigned as a member of the Secondary School Building Committee.
    4. Ability to effectively communicate and relate well with diverse groups (School Committee, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, external town departments/leaders and community members).
    5. Other duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations.

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