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    <td> CITY OF MELROSE                         Human Resources</td>
    Please send a resume and cover letter by February 10, 2020 to Marianne Long, Director of Human Resources, City of Melrose via mlong@cityofmelrose.org.

     Title:                            Facilities Manager

    Department:                Public Works Department

    Supervisor:                  Director of Public Works

    Status:                                     Full Time, 40 hours per week, Non-Union

    Salary Range:  Minimum salary is $101,957, CNU3 level 22, step 3


    The Department of Public Works strives to preserve, maintain and enhance the City’s and the Public School’s infrastructure and natural resources, and provide services and sustainable, resilient environmental practices for the benefit of Melrose residents, businesses and visitors. The Facilities Manager is responsible for 1.5 million square feet of City and School facilities including 15 municipal buildings and schools, 16 custodians, 4 tradesmen, 1 foreman, 1 Rental Coordinator and seasonal employees. The Facilities Manager works independently, under the guidance of the Director of Public Works to ensure the Facilities division meets financial, quality, safety, procurement and environmental goals and standards.


    <u>Essential Duties and Responsibilities</u>:


    <u>Customer Service</u>:

    1. Respond promptly, sensitively and constructively to customer inquiries, requests or complaints; ensure that the Facilities Division provides customer service with tact, courtesy, sensitivity and discretion in all dealings with internal and external customers.


    <u>School and City Facilities</u>:

    1. Plan, organize, coordinate and oversee daily maintenance activities for eight school buildings and their properties ensuring the proper and efficient management of buidling systems.
    2. Manage building automation and energy management programs, preventive maintenance and associated service contracts, utility systems and school assets to determine needed maintenance and repairs. Review work in progress and ensure proper completion of work orders, contracts and new capital construction projects.
    3. In cooperation with the School Superintendent, on an annual basis make necessary classroom and office adjustments for the upcoming school year.
    4. In cooperation with the Elections administrator, plan, organize and coordinate the set-up and breakdown of polling sites.


    <u>Energy Efficiency:</u>

    1. In cooperation with the City’s priorities, implement projects and operations pertaining to a variety of environmental sustainability, energy conservation and efficiency initiatives. Assist in realizing energy and financial savings by taking advantage of incentive programs.
    2. Coordinate the department’s cost efficient energy use, including budgeting for utilities; monitoring fuel, oil, gas and electrical use; recommend and implement programs; install/upgrade energy efficient devices, material and supplies; manage utility systems to maximize energy conservation. Manage HVAC and lighting controls and energy management systems (EMS) in order to achieve this purpose.


    <u>Personnel Management</u>

    1. In accordance with employment policies and collective bargaining agreements provide direct supervision and oversight of all facility division staff; plan, organize and direct work assignments; manage performance.
    2. Provide oversight to vendors, service providers and contractors related to facility operations.
    3. Ensure adequate training of facilities division staff in safety, preventive maintenance, emerging technology, proper chemical usage and disposal.


    <u>Infrastructure Maintenance</u>

    1. Ensure the security, cleanliness and safe conditions of all facilities and equipment to determine both immediate and long term maintenance and capital needs; recommend items for immediate or future repair or replacement; survey and evaluate various facilities projects to establish feasibility, costs of materials and labor, prepare bid packages.
    2. Create, manage and execute all facility preventive maintenance programs for electrical and mechanical systems; elevators and lifts, alarm and fire protection, emergency power systems & pest control.
    3. Work in cooperation with Operations Manager in order to ensure staffing efficiencies, service functions, and cost controls are maximized. Provide expert advice and technical assistance in solving complex problems and improving operations.


    <u>Snow and Emergency Operations</u>

    1. Assist the Operations Manager in snow removal, sanding, de-icing and other winter maintenance operations as needed.  Coordinate snow & ice clearing at City and School facilities.
    2. Coordinate with the Public Works Director, Assistant Director/Administration, Operations Manager, and Assistant Director/City Engineer and DPW Staff emergency operations planning.  Required to be on 24-hour call to address any emergency situation.


    <u>Financial Management</u>

    1. Supervise and assist with the preparation, management & tracking of operating, maintenance, capital improvement, capital expenditure plans and budgets related to the facilities division including all utility line items
    2. Oversee weekly payroll (for all regular and seasonal employees), overtime distribution and the distribution of benefit time (vacation, personal, etc.) for the facilities division.
    3. Assist in development of detailed plans and specifications for procurement of vendors for purchasing of materials, supplies, equipment and services related to the Facilities Division in accordance with State procurement laws and wage rate standards; Prepare and maintain related reports and records.



    1. Create and implement procedures for receiving, storing and distributing custodial and maintenance supplies and materials; maintain various storage areas throughout all facilities.
    2. Serve as the facilities compliance administrator for DEP, Department of Education, ADA Compliance, Asbestos Abatement and other government and agency requirements; Ensure compliance with applicable federal, state and local fire and inspectional services codes (building, plumbing and electrical) and regulations.
    3. Coordinate with the IT Department in regards to Building Security Systems; oversee the administration of key fobs and keys.
    4. Provide management and oversight of city and school building rentals; coordinate contracts with outside vendors and various school and city departments as required; collect rental fees; determine event needs; and properly staff events and manage all expenses as required.
    5. Prepare, maintain and submit reports and logs of operations and other reports conforming to City, or other regulatory requirements.







    1. Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, construction management, or in a related field is preferred; or equivalent combination of relevant education, training and experience in the principles and practices of facilities management.


    1. A minimum of five (5) years demonstrated experience in facility management and support services; a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a supervisory capacity with a proven ability to work with, supervise and take responsibility for the work of others and the ability to train others in the skills of your trade.


    1. A minimum of five (5) years demonstrated experience with and knowledge of general construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, alarm and fire suppression and alarm systems, boiler systems, roofs, janitorial, hazardous materials and digital controls.


    1. Proof of degree and or credentials, with the ability to successfully pass a background check including Finger Printing and CORI.


    1. Demonstrated experience in providing customer service with tact, courtesy, sensitivity and discretion. Excellent oral and written communication skills.


    1. Intermediate computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite including Excel, WORD and Outlook with a demonstrated ability to learn new software programs.


    1. Valid and current MA Driver’s License and a driving record which proves responsible and lawful driving habits.


    1. Must have basic knowledge in public procurement policy. The following certifications are required within two years of hire: OSHA 30 certification, construction supervisor’s license and asbestos management & inspection certification.


    1. Must have the ability to read, interpret and become familiar with public works bids; MA GL Laws C30, 30B, 39M and C149, Prevailing Wages and other municipal laws as necessary. Knowledge of contract bid preparation is preferred.

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