Concord – Carlisle Facilities Manager

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    Facilities Manager

    Date Posted: 5/6/2019

    Date Available: 07/01/2019

    Closing Date: 05/24/2019

    Position Description:

    The facilities manager provides leadership to the building services workers and the maintenance staff, provides support to the superintendent’s administrative team, and provides assistance to all principals and administrators concerning all facilities and grounds related issues. The manager implements policies and directives as assigned by the Concord Public Schools and the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District, the Massachusetts Department of Education, and the federal government. Working closely with the director of finance and operations, the facilities manager provides and implements policies and procedures to promote the success of all students and to support accountability in all schools. The facilities manager also works closely with the director of finance and operations to ensure fiscally responsible practices.

    The facilities manager provides leadership in the development and implementation of preventative maintenance and staff development initiatives, continual improvements to record keeping systems for procurement activities and supports technology-based instructional, administrative and business initiatives.

    The facilities manager provides support to principals in developing building service workers performance evaluations. The facilities manager is directly responsible for the evaluation of maintenance and assigned support staff. The facilities manager provides support to principals building service workers regarding resolution of disciplinary issues and works closely with administration on disciplinary issues regarding maintenance workers. The facilities manager plans and coordinates all the facilities functions to assure a high degree of educational excellence within the Concord Public Schools/Concord-Carlisle Regional School District and satisfaction for buildings, grounds and fields with community partners.



    1. Supervises all maintenance staff and coordinates custodial personnel work assignments with building principals and administrators. Determines schedules, sequences, and assignments for work activities, based on work priority, quantity of equipment and skill of personnel.
    2. Responsible for the overall scheduling and planning of all maintenance, custodial and cleaning operations. Oversees overtime schedules, as required, to provide a fair and equitable system.
    3. Develops and prepares all operating and capital budgets for school buildings. Participates in budget preparation and administration, coordinating purchasing and documentation, and monitoring departmental and warrant article expenditures.
    4. Screens potential candidates for hiring and makes recommendations. Determines training needs and assists in providing training to personnel. Conducts or arranges for worker training in safety, repair, and maintenance techniques, operational procedures and equipment use.
    5. Works with Building Principals, Fire Department and Building Inspector to assure code compliance. Cooperates with town, state and other agencies to assure compliance to all safety and health regulations building codes and other regulatory requirements.
    6. Tours buildings, fields and meets with senior building service workers and principals on a routine basis to ensure service level is adequate. Examines building systems, equipment and facilities to determine needed installations, services or repairs.
    7. Assumes role of Project Manager for all major repairs/renovations or additions to buildings. Responsible for AHERA inspections and monitoring and recommendations for ADA compliance.
    8. All other duties as assigned. Hours as necessary to ensure timely completion of projects, reports and other assigned duties.


    1. Maintains close contact with all and principals and administrators in anticipating and planning for all building service worker needs in the system.
    2. Supports principals and administrators in the recruitment of building service workers. Maintains an association with professional associations to ensure that building service workers and maintenance staff are current in their training and knowledge.
    3. Coordinates the reassignment of staff in conformance with the needs of the system and the qualifications of the staff members to insure the most appropriate and useful assignment of staff. Ensures that all reassignments are in conformance with collective bargaining language.
    4. Receives, reviews and processes requests for transfer in accordance with contractual requirements and the needs of the districts.
    5. Interprets and implements the policies regarding assignment, compensation and other related areas.
    6. Reviews the personnel recommendations of the principals/directors to ensure the candidates are properly qualified and complies with all the appointment policies and procedures. Prepares personnel recommendations for the superintendent’s approval.
    7. Maintains a current and accurate application file on prospective candidates for all building service workers, maintenance staff, and support personnel.


    1. Develops and maintains a comprehensive, efficient, accurate and current record of data pertaining to maintenance and repairs requests, employment, transfer, and procurement activities.
    2. Prepares and maintains records and statistical information on all personnel as required by state and federal laws.
    3. Uses data in projecting emerging needs in the district.
    4. Submits the necessary statistical reports to the Department of Education, the School Committee and other appropriate agencies, including but not limited to AHERA, ADA, Water Testing and Public Safety agency requirements.
    5. Assists in the development of the capital planning portion of the budget.


    1. Collects and prepares background data and information for collective bargaining including research pertaining to personnel, salary, staff characteristics and other pertinent data.
    2. Participates on the negotiating team in analyzing contract proposals, drafting proposals, preparing counter proposals and developing negotiating strategies.
    3. Advises the bargaining team on technical issues at the table and prepares preliminary and final documents.


    1. Serves as a resource person to administrators and the School Committee on matters related to the implementation of negotiated contracts.
    2. Hears complaints, resolves differences and attempts to mediate disputes through counseling the parties involved and by offering advice to appropriate administrators.
    3. In consultation with the human resources administrator, the director of finance & operations, and the superintendent, develops improved policies and procedures for approval by the School Committee and insures
    4. Serves as the hearing officer at most Level I grievances.
    5. Prepares and updates job descriptions and responsibilities as needed.


    – Assists in the development of improved evaluation systems in conjunction with other administrators and conducts training in implementing these changes.

    – Identifies appropriate training opportunities for assigned staff and personal professional development.


    – Performs other duties as assigned by the director of finance & operations, the assistant superintendent, and the superintendent of schools.


    1. Bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering or other related field. Additional education in related field desirable. At least four to seven years’ experience in the supervision of building construction, remodeling and maintenance. Experience in staff management and labor relations. Knowledge of cost estimating, budget preparation, bid and specification preparation, contract management, building codes and state regulations as they pertain to public schools. Relevant experience in all building systems, i.e. HVAC and energy management.
    2. Experience working with public sector employees and management practices.
    3. Ability to use data reports and consolidate information to develop reports and responses to requests for information.
    4. Ability to think independently and accomplish objectives with general supervision.
    5. Ability to build teams, effectively interface with subordinates, peers and other business contacts in an open, friendly and cooperative manner.
    6. Ability to assume initiative and to assume additional assignments, to follow through, accept responsibility for completion of assignments, expends the effort and time to do the job well.
    7. Ability to write and speak clearly, persuasively and informatively, to listen and seek clarification, to anticipate and promote communication to ensure that all stakeholders are adequately informed of both operational issues and building, grounds & fields issues.
    8. Ability to oversee emergency management related activities as assigned.


    Twelve-month position. Salary as established by the superintendent and School Committee

    Interested candidates please apply online at

    It is the policy of the Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional School District not to discriminate

    on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, gender identity, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, age,

    criminal record, genetics, or disability in its employment practices.

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    Update for Concord – Carlisle position:

    Salary: $120,000 – $130,000 depending on experience.

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