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CFA Program

The Massachusetts Facilities Administrator’s Association recognized the need for a credentialing process to validate the professional expertise that members possess. The association established the certification program for Certified Facility Administrator (CFA) to allow members to receive the professional recognition they deserve for their experience, education, licensure and responsibility which they exercise on a daily basis.

Facilities management has had a long history of being a unique field. It is a diverse and varied field which includes many of the established management titles with a mix of engineering, personnel, legal, purchasing, accounting and applications functions. The CFA certification will validate your experience in these fields and other facility maintenance specialties to establish a level of professional competence in the facilities management role.

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Annual Custodial Training

April School Vacation; last week in June locations TBD

7:30 am to 3pm Full day training/certification)  2018 Curriculum

Session 1
(Infection Control/ Santize vs. Disinfect)                       
30 mins.

M.D.Stetson Co.

Session 2
(Organize your work area/ closet tool setup)              
30 mins.


Session 3
(Floor care- Carpet)                                                           
30 mins.  

Likarr Maintenance Systems

Session 4
(Floor care - Hard Surface)                                               
30 mins.

Allston; Clean Cut Solutions; Milhench   

Dept. Labor Standards
(Safety, RTK, BBP, Asbestos)                   
2.5 hours

Dept. of Labor Standards

Annual Fall Conference

October 14 - 16 Double Tree Northshore, Danvers MA.

View our Fall Conference 2018 Video

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Environmental Health and Safety Training

Environmental Health and Safety Training (EHS)Professional Development Program

A series of integrated training modules developed by & for MFAA Members!

Funded by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The EHS training committee will be wrapping up this years program and will be forwarding along information and availability for make up classes and future programs.

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The Massachusetts Facilities Administrators Association Scholarships will be awarded to a son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter of a member in good standing. Awards will be based on the following criteria: character, financial need and proof of enrollment to a college or university. The Committee has a total of Five Thousand Dollars, $5,000.00 to award for the 2018-2019 school year.

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