MFAA May 20th Webinar – Challenges for Cleaning and Disinfecting

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  • MFAA May Webinar - Challenges for Cleaning and Disinfecting
    May 20, 2021
    11:00 am - 12:15 pm
Join our webinar for a deep dive on tools and resources to help buyers, and update vendors, to address the following:
• Supply chain issues
• Choosing safer products and application equipment
• Evaluating products for approved use in application equipment
• Monitoring federal regulations and requirements related to the use of antimicrobials in disinfection equipment, selecting hand hygiene products, meeting infection control requirements and interpreting antimicrobial pesticide label information
• Increased health, safety and compliance risks related to increased use and storage of antimicrobials for disinfection and hand hygiene Audience: Cleaning service vendors, Product and equipment vendors, facility managers and staff, and procurement staff Speakers:
• Julia Wolfe, Director of Environmental Purchasing at the Commonwealth’s Operational Services Division
• Lynn Rose, Consultant, Informed Green Solutions
• Carol Westinghouse, Director, Informed Green Solutions


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