As a member of the MFAA, you will benefit on both a professional and personal level by meeting and exchanging ideas with your peers. Members routinely share pertinent information and documents such as bid specs, requests for proposals, wage and job title surveys, and utility and service information.

Standard of Conducts:

As a member of MFAA, I pledge to:

  1. To act within prescript standards of ethics for public employees.
  2. Dedicate my professional knowledge and skills to improving the work and facilities standards.
  3. Neither engage in, nor condone any exploitation of the association, industry or profession.
  4. Utilize every opportunity to improve public understanding of the principals of professional facilities administration.
  5. Endeavor to continually improve my professional knowledge via academic institutions, independent study courses, on the job training and experience exchanges with associates.
  6. To work with all association members as a united team to support the MFAA in principle and practice and to encourage others to do so.

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