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The Massachusetts Facilities Administrators’ Association was formed in 1973 to provide members access to education and information. With 180+ members, the association is dedicated to improving their professional knowledge through an on-going exchange of information and ideas.



The development of closer professional relationships, exchanges, and understandings among those concerned with the care, operation, and maintenance of municipal buildings and grounds.



“Dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our facility personnel, the health and safety of our public facilities through sharing knowledge and resources.”



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Municipalities in Massachusetts

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An influential group with close to 180+ members, the Association is dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our facility personnel and our physical plants through knowledge and an on-going exchange of information and ideas.

Today, the buying power of MFFA Members is very impressive. Administrators manage budgets ranging from $500 k – $6.6 m, with an average annual budget of $3 million.

Representing 140 municipalities in Massachusetts, the MFAA is recognized both in and out of the state as an association that has professional credibility.

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President's Message

June 2020

The MFAA Board of Directors has provided the following Position Statement on Racism and Discrimination:

“The Massachusetts Facilities Administrators Association (MFAA) has never condoned and condemns all forms of racism and discrimination and the impact it has on our members, the communities that we serve and the Maintenance and Operations teams that we support. We as an organization of public employees always have and will continue to denounce any form of racism or discrimination."

Wayne Miller,
MFAA President

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