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The Massachusetts Facilities Administrators’ Association was formed in 1973 to provide members access to education and information. With 180+ members, the association is dedicated to improving their professional knowledge through an on-going exchange of information and ideas.



The development of closer professional relationships, exchanges, and understandings among those concerned with the care, operation, and maintenance of municipal buildings and grounds.



“Dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our facility personnel, the health and safety of our public facilities through sharing knowledge and resources.”



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Municipalities in Massachusetts

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An influential group with close to 180+ members, the Association is dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our facility personnel and our physical plants through knowledge and an on-going exchange of information and ideas.

Today, the buying power of MFFA Members is very impressive. Administrators manage budgets ranging from $500 k – $6.6 m, with an average annual budget of $3 million.

Representing 140 municipalities in Massachusetts, the MFAA is recognized both in and out of the state as an association that has professional credibility.

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President's Message

February 2021

To all loyal members of the MFAA,

The MFAA has been such a large part of my life for several years. I have made lifelong friends, and trusted people more than I have let myself trust people in a very long time. I started by being voted onto the Board of Directors, then moved into the Secretary role and now have become President by the vote of all the great members of the MFAA. Thanks for your confidence!!

Wayne Miller, our past President and a great man, worked with the Board of Directors and our ED Ken Wertz to clean up our past - new website company, actually filing taxes (we needed to?), becoming a true nonprofit 501c (pending, but we did our part). Wayne was a great President and shepherded us through a lot of old sins (we didn’t have to pay the IRS 17K they originally accessed). Thanks Wayne for cleaning up our organization so we can move forward as we come out of this pandemic that has rocked the world.

All members of the MFAA have stepped up over the past year and guided their districts through the complex network of COVID response as we received sketchy information from DESE. You taught your Superintendents how HVAC systems worked, ordered them the PPE they needed, and had your staff perform cleaning and disinfecting tasks daily that were rarely done before. You all shined and became indispensable people over the last year and advanced our cause greatly. Now Facility professionals are regarded in a more favorable light as your actions have fought the pandemic.

As President I have a couple goals and ideas to implement to continue to move the organization forward.

I will be starting a mentoring program for all our members. This will not take the place of our current message board but will pair a long time Facility professional with someone who has not had as many years in the business.  Being mentored is an honor not a burden. Criteria will be:

1.       Both professionals will tour each other’s districts.

2.       It is required that a meeting is held in both districts with the Supervisor and preferably also the Superintendent of both the Mentor and the Mentee.

3.       The Mentor will be required to complete an assessment of the Mentee’s district and work to solve any issues they may have.

4.       The Mentee will be required to write an assessment of their Mentor’s district.

5.       The professionals will be able to access their Mentor and Mentee at any time to answer questions, provide help and if necessary, visit their site to help with an issue. They are your first call.

6.       There will be more guidance approved by the BOD on this program.

I believe this will help people improve in their job and encourage your supervisors to respect you more. We are all here to help your bosses take you more seriously and value you for your hard work, knowledge, and pay you well! I am always willing as President to visit anyone’s district and help our members. I would ask, after spending the day together going through your district, we finish the day meeting with your Superintendent.

My second issue that has dogged the last 5 presidencies is getting people to pay their yearly dues. Sounds like a stupid problem, right?!

It is amazing the number of members that never actually get a check sent from their district to pay their yearly membership dues. Membership dues are one of our main sources of income that keep MFAA afloat. I am not in the bureaucratic world some of you are in, but I request each and every member to check with their Finance department to make sure they have paid their 2020-2021 dues. I will ask our ED Ken to post another invoice on our website for 2020-2021 for our members. If your district has not paid, please print the invoice and submit the bill to your Finance department for payment, so you are a fully paid member with access to all the services we offer our members.

I am so honored that you elected me to the presidency of MFAA and I will do everything in my power to help you in your job and career.

Please sign in to our virtual meetings and get involved. I have great hopes that it will not be long before we will again be able to meet in person and that our annual fall trade show and conference will resume as an in-person event!



Michael P D’Angelo, MFAA President

End Racism and Discrimination

June 2020

The MFAA Board of Directors has provided the following Position Statement on Racism and Discrimination:

“The Massachusetts Facilities Administrators Association (MFAA) has never condoned and condemns all forms of racism and discrimination and the impact it has on our members, the communities that we serve and the Maintenance and Operations teams that we support. We as an organization of public employees always have and will continue to denounce any form of racism or discrimination."



Wayne Miller,
MFAA President 2020

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