The Massachusetts Facilities Administrators’ Association was formed in 1973 to provide members access to education and information. With 180+ members, the association is dedicated to improving their professional knowledge through an on-going exchange of information and ideas.


The development of closer professional relationships, exchanges, and understandings among those concerned with the care, operation, and maintenance of municipal buildings and grounds.


“Dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our facility personnel, the health and safety of our public facilities through sharing knowledge and resources.”




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Municipalities in Massachusetts

Our Members

An influential group with close to 180+ members, the Association is dedicated to the improvement of our profession, our facility personnel and our physical plants through knowledge and an on-going exchange of information and ideas.

Today, the buying power of MFFA Members is very impressive. Administrators manage budgets ranging from $500 k – $6.6 m, with an average annual budget of $3 million.

Representing 140 municipalities in Massachusetts, the MFAA is recognized both in and out of the state as an association that has professional credibility.


President’s Message

January 2024

Dear Members,
As this is my last year as President of the MFAA, I am happy to be part of this great Association of Facilities Directors. Every Facilities Director has a different job responsibility, those responsibilities could be strictly working in an office overseeing a team, being hands on or even both, but at the end of the day we all have the same common goal, making sure that we are providing the best facilities for our students and our staff.

The Board of Directors are diligently working together to bring the membership upcoming trainings in April and June, updated web site, the October Conference, and other meetings throughout the year that you will find on the calendar.

As I stated in my original President’s letter, this Association would not exist today if it wasn’t for the hard work of the members, the work of all the past board of directors and the current board of directors. Today we still have past presidents involved in helping. In 8 months, I too, will become a past President and I will be that past President that I currently speak of, one that will continue to be involved in the best interest of the MFAA in some capacity.

Continue all the great work that you do, and I would like to wish everyone the best as we work through 2024.

Michael Gormley
MFAA President
Montachusett Reg Voc Tech School